1st European Innovation Summit | 2009

The 1st European Innovation Summit (EIS), organised by Knowledge4Innovation on 13-14 October, turned the European Parliament into an Innovation Showcase.

Highlights included a “Welcome reception” for new and returning MEPs, a Plenary Session for “Europe’s Future Nobel Prize Winners” as well as exhbitions, panel sessions and networking events. Having been the first of its kind, the Summit provided a unique opportunity for organisations to demonstrate and explain how they contribute to position Europe as a global innovation leader. The Summit took place at a time of institutional changes, introduced new faces and strategies, and set the scene for the future European innovation policy.

The EIS offered a unique opportunity for organisations to present themselves to key members in the European Parliament and decision makers in Brussels, as well as gave the chance to meet other likeminded and innovative organisations from across Europe.


We would like to thank everyone who contributed to making the first ever European Innovation Summit such a great success.

Roland Strauss, Managing Director, Knowledge4Innovation


Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to the First European Innovation Summit. Over the next two days the European Parliament will transform into an arena of innovation. The summit will allow us to familiarise ourselves better with technology and inventions that will help Europe to become a global leader in innovation.

It is also a great opportunity for Members of the European Parliament, scientists, experts, and representatives of the industry to meet and engage in discussions and debate on innovation. I am glad that this event is taking place at the beginning of the new term of our Parliament.

Our new colleagues will have the opportunity to gain insightful knowledge which can inspire them to work effectively over the next five years. I would like to thank, therefore, the Knowledge for Innovation Platform for a fantastic idea, and most importantly for bringing it to life!

Jerzy Buzek, President of the European Parliament | Opening Speeech, European Innovation Summit, European Parliament, Brussels, 13 October 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen,

This event is extremely well timed, coming as it does at the beginning of a new Parliament – and before the start of the new Commission. It is an excellent opportunity for you – the "doers" and the innovators – to mix with policy makers and to tell us how we can best support you.

The report of the Business Panel we set up to advise us on future innovation policy will be published today. I urge you to read it! And I urge you to respond to our public consultation which will last until November. Please help us to help you!

By the end of the Commission's next mandate, I want Europe to have become not just a "knowledge society", but an "innovation society." I plan to make this one of my top personal priorities. Indeed, I want it to be an important part of my legacy. Because I am convinced that nothing is more important for Europe's future. Thank you.

Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission | Transforming the EU into an Innovation Society, European Innovation Summit, EP, 13 October 2009