The Dinner debate on Key Enabling Technologies & Industry in FP9 is organized by the three big Technology Platforms - EMIRI, SUSCHEM and A.SPIRE.

The purpose of the event is to advocate for “Key Enabling Technologies” not to be overlooked in terms of R&I support in frame of forthcoming FP9 discussions.

The event will be structured into 3 pillars:

  • EMIRI, presenting on the importance of advanced materials & nanotech to accelerate the shift to clean energy & clean mobility to make the Energy Union a reality and contribute to re-industrialization of Europe in the field
  • SUSCHEM, presenting on the importance of biotechnology to enable today and tomorrow’s bio-economy relying on alternative feedstocks
  • SPIRE, presenting on the importance of process and resource efficiency to build a more sustainable industry in Europe

The idea is that each association is giving the floor to an Executive-VP, CTO or CEO from their members to deliver a strong industry-driven message to the MEP community and other policy makers present at the event.