9h00 - 10h30 | Venue: ASP 5E 2
Session I: EU’s future R&I policy – Visions and values

What future do we want for Europe in view of 2030? How can the EU be more responsive to citizen’s needs in a policy of Open Science, Open Innovation and Open to the World? Can the EU set a direction for the future through mobilising R&I missions? How can the EU respond to societal challenges and the global Sustainable Development Goals? Is there a new role for Research and Innovation in EU policy?

11h00 - 12h00 | Venue: ASP 1E 201
Session II: An Innovation-driven EU policy – which framework conditions and instruments?

What would an innovation-driven EU policy agenda imply for investment and funding instruments to R&I? Is there scope for further synergies between the EU R&I framework programme and Structural Funds? How can innovation and regulation reinforce each other, embracing the Innovation Principle?

13h00 - 14h30 | Venue: ASP 3E 2
Session III: Focus on Impact - Creating social and economic value

How can we shift from an input- to an impact-focused R&I policy? How do we measure progress? Can Open Science and Open Innovation trigger more social and economic value from investments? How can we involve new actors, entrepreneurs, cities, and citizens, as actors of innovation in open spaces of experimentation?