Within the EU Steering Group on the European Professional Card, FEANI plays an active role.  The objectives of this Steering Group are to explore the feasibility and the challenges linked to the development of a European professional card in the context of the revision of the Professional Qualifications Directive 2005/36 and the preparation of a Green Paper for autumn 2011.

MEPs Evelyne GEBHARDT and Bernadette VERGNAUD of the IMCO Committee as well as the Chairman of the Steering Committee, Mr Jürgen TIEDJE, European Commission, together with FEANI officials will meet on 28 June 2011 with professional organisations, stakeholders and the public at large to enter into debate on the current status.

  • What would be the added value of a European professional card ?
  • How can certain specific elements be integrated for certain professions ?
  • Shall the card be made obligatory for professionals and how can it work in cases of mobility between regulating and non-regulating Member States ?
  • Who will issue the card, in what language and what information should be present on the card ?
  • What has been the outcome of the Public Consultation Paper  (7/1-15/3/2011) and what are the tendencies ?

To learn more of the FEANI Professional Card see the presentation on the website: www.feani.org