Innovation is essential for growth in Europe and this importance is reflected in the core objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy and the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

As an enabler of innovation in several value chains, it is essential for the chemical industry to take a leadership role and actively contribute to Horizon 2020 and its succeeding Framework Programme.


In the context of a global economy, knowledge and innovation are sustainable differentiators for Europe, the entire innovation ecosystem must become efficient and coordinated. Industry has an important role and responsibility in accelerating the development of technologies and the implementation of innovations in the market. Under Horizon 2020, the Industrial Leadership Pillar (targeting industrial leadership through Key Enabling Technologies) and the Societal Challenges Pillar (targeting development of innovative solutions for grand societal challenges) support the industry in delivering its contributions.

In the context of design considerations for FP9, the next EU Framework Programme, K4I and Cefic are organising a dinner debate with the objective to openly exchange ideas and discuss the:

  • Role of industry in the next EU FP, more specifically the role of the chemical industry,
  • Importance of cross-sectorial and value chain innovation partnerships,
  • Need for breakthrough technologies, R&I financing and risk-sharing innovation programmes,
  • Critical role of Key Enabling Technologies