In the face of a growing world population, expected to reach 9 billion inhabitants in 2050, food production will have to increase by 70% according to the FAO. There is no doubt that this challenge will have to be tackled by increasing productivity in a sustainable way, through resource efficiency, the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity. As one of the biggest world food producers and importers, the EU has a key role to play.

The EU includes in its Innovation Policy a European Innovation Partnership on Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability. Promoting a resource-efficient, productive and low-emission agricultural sector, this Partnership aims to deliver a safe and steady supply of food, feed and biomaterials. This Partnership will build a bridge between cutting-edge research and technology on one hand and the farmers, businesses and advisory services on the other hand.

In the framework of the ongoing discussion on the Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy, the event will seek to:

  • Demonstrate the paramount importance of innovation in sustainable and productive agriculture
  • Put research, innovation and knowledge transfer at the heart of the policy decision making
  • Find the best tools for helping the players of the agricultural world implement innovative solutions.


Session I

Chaired by MEP Luis Manuel Capoulas Santos

18.30-18.40 Opening statement by MEP Luis Manuel Capoulas Santos

18.40-18.50 Tools for supporting innovation and sustainable agriculture
Martin Scheele, Head of Unit “Envi ronment , Genetic Resources and European Innovation Partnership”, DG AGRI, European Commission

18.50-19.00 Young farmers and innovation: challenges and expectations
Joris Baecke, President, CEJA

19.00-19.10 The role of the private sector in innovation
Euros Jones, Regulatory Affairs Director, ECPA

19.10-19.20 Contribution of innovation to the delivery of public goods
Trees Robijns, EU Agriculture Policy Officer, BirdLife

19.20-19.45 Debate with the audience

19.45-19.55 Conclusions by MEP Luis Manuel Capoulas Santos


Session II

Chaired by MEP Luis Manuel Capoulas Santos

20.15-20.25 Opening statement by MEP Luis Manuel Capoulas Santos

20.25-20.35 Opening statement by Georg Haeusler, Head of Cabinet of Commissioner Dacian Ciolos

20.35-20.40 Welcome by Friedhelm Schmider, Director General of ECPA

20.40-20.45 Presentation of the conclusions of the first session
by Cillian Donnelly, Journalist, New Europe

20.45-20.50 Presentation of the organization of the dinner debate by K4I and the Secretariat of the EP Intergroup “Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development”

20.50-21.50 Dinner debate

21.50-21.55 Conclusions by Cillian Donnelly, Journalist, New Europe

21.55-22.15 Networking coffee