Following the launch of ‘A Pact for Innovation’ (Pact) during the 7th European Innovation Summit last December and the Kick-off meeting that took place on 25 April in the European Parliament, we are now entered the Pact implementation phase.

Out of the 14 Pact priorities, 5 have been selected to start with at the 1st Working Group Meetings on 11 – 12 October 2016, European Parliament, Brussels and the topics will be further discussed at the bi-annual Pact Meeting on 16 November morning as part of the 8th EIS programme.

• Mid-term review / post 2020 planning: MFF/H2020/30
• Regulatory Framework / Innovation Principle
• Next generation scientists, researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs
• Science communication / science and society
• Adapt political structures to new technologies and business models

Further information on the Pact, the 5 priorities and the Working group meetings is available here.