This year’s symposium of the Joint Institute for Innovation Policy is dedicated to Mission Oriented Policies for research and innovation.

In the running up to FP9, the Commission is considering several options to increase measurable impact. Mission Orientation is one of the options. The Lamy report already hinted in this direction, supported by a growing body of academic research supporting the implementation of such policies.

Designing a new FP for research at EU level is highly complex, and mission orientation could provide answers to the current challenges.

JIIP is currently carrying out two studies in the subject for the Commission, that will support the decision process to take a mission oriented approach or not. One study looks at the definition, the conceptualisation and analyses cases around the world, to understand which lessons can be drawn from these. The second study analyses how such policies could be implemented in FP9.

The symposium will be built around these two studies, and covers topics as the key characteristics of mission oriented policies, the level of mission definition, the use of instruments for implementation, the way missions should be defined involving all stakeholders including citizens, the management and mission ownership, benefits and draw backs of the approach, the alignment with national, regional and urban R&I policies and programmes and provides some examples.