At a time of unprecedented challenges, Europe’s competitiveness and standard of living are threatened. Economic forecasts for 2050 paint a dark scenario – economic decline, an ageing population, social capital and labor force shortage, increased energy, food and water constraints, and a challenging role for the EU on the global stage.

However, we believe, that with the right policy instruments and a comprehensive innovation framework, these predictions are avoidable.

The objective of the dinner debate is to deliver a Wakeup Call to European policy-makers, highlight the main problems regarding the future of innovation in Europe and draw up proposals for immediate actions.


  • Which are the main regulatory barriers impeding Innovation in Europe?
  • How to ensure a growing European economy in the years to come?
  • What are the prerequisites for developing a new innovation model in which people are at the heart of innovation?
  • How can Europe regain its lost global political and economic significance and compete with emerging economies?


  • Propose an agenda, which ensures stronger integration and more synergies along the innovation value chain.
  • Review the current regulatory framework, identify the major bottlenecks and present concrete measures for improvement.
  • Establish a sound risk approach based on qualitative science and ways to reverse the anti-technology sentiment that inhibits European development.
  • Ensure that the potential of patent protection, standardisation, Public Private Partnerships and smart regulation is fully exploited in order to bring ideas to the market.