The K4I Management Board consists of representatives of the member organisations and is responsible for the administration and management of the association. It manages the current affairs of the Association and represents it in all legal and extra-legal sectors. The board also suggests the President and the Vice-Presidents for election by the General assembly.

Management Board Members

Robbert Fisher

President, K4I
Managing Director JIIP

Tomasz Kosmider

Vice-President, K4I
Technology Partners Foundation

Roland Strauss

Managing Director

Robert Judd

Secretary General

Marceline Du Prie

Special advisor to the Board
TU Delft / Leiden University

Pedro de Sampaio Nunes

Head of
Eureka Secretariat

Jean-Philippe Azoulay

Director General

Pierre Barthelemy

Research & Innovation Executive Director,

Ingo Wagner.png
Ingo Wagner

Policy and Project Officer
DHC+ Technology Platform

Ingo Wagner.png
Yannick Legre

Managing Director
EGI Foundation

Ingo Wagner.png
Klaus Peters

Secretary General

Ingo Wagner.png
Louis Lapidaire