For the 4th time QuTech/TU Delft is hosting this high-level debate on Quantum Technologies. The event will focus on the ramp-up of the FET Flagship program, that is now underway.

Quantum Technologies have the potential to offer groundbreaking solutions for the digital economy, especially in the field of computation, simulation and communication. Quantum computers can solve computational problems far beyond the reach of any classical super computer, for instance to find new molecules for medicine or materials. Quantum networks are protected against hackers by laws of physics. Around the world, these technologies are shifting from scientific laboratories to commercial applications. Europe is still in a leading position with excellent research carried out across the Union, but has the challenge to keep up with strategic investments from China and leading firms. A FET Flagship program was launched in 2016 to reap the benefits and boost European quantum industries.

At the lunch Jean-François Buggenhout, Deputy Head of unit for Quantum Technolgies and HPC within the European Commission, will elaborate on the status of the Quantum Flagship and the opportunities and challenges ahead. In table discussions prominent experts will discuss the following topics:
- What can we expect from the projects in the ramp-up call?
- How do we foresee the Flagship in the next Framework Program, taking the LAB-FAB-APP report of Pascal Lamy into account?
- What coordination and support is needed for the Flagship?
- How to position Europe in the international field?

Table chairs and plenary speakers include: Prof. Charles M. Marcus, Prof. Stephanie D. Wehner, Prof. Wim van Saarloos, Prof. Tommaso Calarco and Prof Zbigniew Blocki

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