UAS4EUROPE is a networking platform for the the Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) in Europe. Its aim is to create a stronger voice in Europe. UAS4EUROPE is a joint initiative from EURASHE, UASnet, swissuniversities, Hochschule Bayern (supported by BayFor e.v.) and FHK. In order to represent the UAS well, UAS4EUROPE launches position papers and organizes events to influence the European research and innovation decision-making processes. Within this context, we prepared a position paper on the FP9. See attached.

One of the main recommendation is the Smart Partnerships for Regional Impact; public and private stakeholders with strong added value on the basis of excellence. In the Netherlands a lot of Universities of Applied Sciences have a collabaration with RTO’s, companies, local governments : an open innovation lab called: Centre of Expertise. Young talents: students and researchers provide during the session an insight into the results of practice-oriented research in a regional context.