Advanced manufacturing is undergoing an unprecedented transformation. As an industrial renaissance takes hold in Europe, advanced manufacturing is being transformed in multiple ways. From the nature of work within a plant to the physical technology used, the traditional picture of manufacturing is fast becoming outdated.

Europe is well positioned to take a leading role in this transformation. Advanced manufacturing in Europe is diverse, technologically advanced, produces high quality products and employs a highly trained workforce. A key economic activity, it provides over 20% of Europe’s jobs and generates 67% of its exports.

Yet there are a certain number of challenges that, on the one hand, the advanced manufacturing faces in its competitiveness struggle in Europe, and, on the other, challenges that the ICT faces nowadays. At this forum we will explore the transformation currently underway in advanced manufacturing and its specific technological and non-technological needs and further potential for “smart” transformation. Participants will also debate what digitalisation and the introduction of internet of things means for manufacturing as well as the management of large sets of data, often referred as the “new oil”.


• Status of ICT use in advanced manufacturing
• Potential of even further ICT-enabled advanced manufacturing for a European Industrial Renaissance
• Current challenges faced in going forward
• Approaches to sustainability


• What are the challenges of the advanced manufacturing industry that need / could be solved by ICT?
• What are the main challenges that the ICT industry / community need to solve in order to enable its best use by an advanced manufacturing?
• What common non-technological issues need to be addressed and how to make Europe a competitive place for advanced manufacturing?
• What EU action is currently being taken, and should be taken, to support digitalisation in and around advanced manufacturing?