Coimbra Sustainability Summit 2020

May 18th – 29th 2020

As Agents of Innovation we need to do our part in addressing the societal challenges the planet faces and at least try to address some of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations in 2015. The vision of the Summit is to debate how new technology interceptions can support decent work and economic growth by creating new partnerships to achieve those goals. The themes that will be covered during two weeks of the event are Health, Agri-food, Manufacturing and Sustainable Cities.

At the Coimbra Sustainability Summit will be explored growth opportunities at the intersection of four areas of digitalization that are considered fundamental for growth: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things and Cybersecurity (4 KETs), trying to demonstrate how combining elements of these technologies can tackle the needs of the four application domains.

The Cycle of webinars will be split in four plenary sessions, focusing on the: importance of the UN’s SDGs, importance of the partnerships and ethical issues in defining a new solutions, tech companies that are already using the 4KETs to deliver values and new partnerships and public funding opportunities. During the two weeks of the Summit, keynote speakers and keynote sessions will address how the goals of sustainable development influence public policy, which are key challenges in the four implementation fields, and how various financing systems will support progress, and how the acquisition of specific technical fields is used to encourage growth.

Your benefits as a participant
 Free registration and opportunity for diverse talks and sessions
 Opportunity to participate in sessions with great speakers about the SDGs and how
technology can boost solution
 Find out new funding opportunities
 Meet your peers in matchmaking sessions and make new partnerships
 Unique chance to pitch to investors

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