What do Europeans think about Sciences & Technology in 2021?

During May 2021, Eurobarometer under the theme Science, Space and Research Digital Society and Technology conducted a cross-country study on identifying the European Union citizens’ attitude towards science and technology. 

The study has shown that 86% of European citizens are keen on science and technology which underpins a positive attitude towards new developments and innovations and a wish to receive better acknowledgment of these fields. 

According to the research, citizens of the EU-27 are mostly giving their preference towards three points of interest: Climate change, medical innovations, scientific and technological developments. 

The study confirms the interdependency of things and sees science & technology as a corestone in fighting with environmental changes, in developing medical treatment and AI development. The research confirms current intentions of the Innovation actors which would lead to acceleration of the green and digital economy of tomorrow to foster transition.To achieve this,it’s crucial to create a robust framework for efficient policies in the EU

In the context of the K4I Forum initiative on the European Innovation Area, citizens are playing an important role both as citizen scientists and for the implementation of impact innovations for the environment and the circular economy. 


The full version of the research, find here