Knowledge4Innovation Forum 2030

Towards a European Innovation Area


Supporting and regulating emerging technologies

Emerging technologies with strong market potential and prospects for improving productivity and creating socially beneficial solutions are of great interest for Research and Innovation policymakers.

There is a broad consensus that Artificial Intelligence is of strategic importance for Europe’s competitiveness and that we need to set the right framework conditions and investment levels if we do not want to lose ground against other countries such as the US , Canada and China.

Today Innovation Policy making is based on a limited set of information from publications, patents and research data (s. Innovation Scoreboard). To better understand the development of new technology ecosystems such as AI, policymakers need detailed and appropriate indicators from traditional and new data sources as well as from small and big companies already successful users of AI technologies.

The objective of K4I is to provide Members of the European Parliament with timely and solid information about emerging technologies and innovations allowing to support and if necessary, regulate them. The relevant working groups under the Pact4Innovation as well as K4I Forum debates welcome policymakers from the national and local levels with the aim to align innovation policies across Europe.


AI, Missions, European Partnerships

The Pact for Innovation (P4I) provides a space for close collaboration between key stakeholders, the European Institutions and policy makers from the national and local levels. Besides a strong focus on European core technologies, Europe needs to position itself as the leader in Artificial Intelligence and data driven innovations…

A European technology policy should be based on regulations in support of innovation facilitating the transition from lab to market and attracting private investment for growth and continued global competitiveness. P4I is particularly supportive of a responsible and sustainable innovation approach to the benefit of “healthy people living on a healthy planet” in line with the UN SDGs. Besides AI, Missions ans European Partnerships will be important topics for the Pact for Innovation working groups.

Pact for Innovation Working Groups

Breakfast meetings of the P4I Working Groups are co-chaired by MEPs and K4I members. Meetings take place at least 4 times a year and outcomes are presented to the EU and national governments and discussed with a wider audience at the European Innovation Summit.

K4I MEP Policy Brief

The K4I MEP Policy Brief explains in a nutshell a complex and sometimes ill-defined issue providing evidence, expertise and concrete examples based on which policy options and recommendations can be formulated.

The place for debate on the future of innovation in Europe

K4I Forum events in the European Parliament

After 10 European Innovation Summit events and hundreds of debates in the European Parliament since 2009, starting with the new European Parliament, we want to add more value to our events and conferences by involving a greater variety of stakeholders and achieve more impact through enhanced communication.

Debates & Roundtable Meetings

Debates are initiated bottom-up by K4I members that select the best experts on the subject matter. The topics chosen relate to the work of the European Parliament or individual MEPs. Debates can be organised during breakfast, lunch and dinner or in form of conferences and workshops.

EUTOP50 Founders & Tech Festival

The “EUTOP 50 Founders and Tech Festival” is an initiative by K4I involving the innovation practitioners in debates about the future of innovation (policies) in Europe. Startups, R&D innovators, incubators/ accelerators, investors and corporate venture organisations meet to network and engage in a dialogue with European policy makers. The relevant working groups of the Pact4Innovation address barriers innovative businesses are facing in Europe and elaborate policy recommendations in particular for new and emerging technologies.

Startups and investors need unobstructed access to European markets to be able to scale-up and grow fast. EUTOP50 in cooperation with the EIT KICs and the support of the European Innovation Council (EIC ) will help accelerating emerging technologies and innovations along the entire value chain from research to successful global businesses.