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1. Joining forces among European Partnerships and Missions

In the short-term the further negotiation and adoption of Horizon Europe will be on the agenda of K4I meetings. I the long term implementation and impact will be key. Given the different dynamics of allocating budgets and adjusting to new challenges, there will be a continued need throughout the lifetime of Horizon Europe for discussion among the different European Partnerships. Cross European Partnership activities are specifically needed when it comes to broader concepts such as circular economy, mobility, zero/low carbon emissions etc. K4I, under its Pact for Innovation, will establish ‘Reflection Groups’ co-chaired by Members of the European Parliament. First results will be presented at the 11th European Innovation Summit taking place from 3 to 6 February 2020.

2. Contributing to European Innovation Policy Making

Emerging technologies with strong market potential and prospects for improving productivity and creating socially beneficial and sustainable solutions are of great interest for R&I policymakers. To better understand the development of new technology ecosystems such as artificial intelligence for example, policymakers need detailed and appropriate indicators from traditional and new data sources as well as from successful technology businesses. The objective of K4I is to provide Members of the European Parliament with evident and solid information about emerging technologies and innovations allowing to support and if necessary regulate them.
The K4I MEP Policy Brief is a unique tool, explaining in a nutshell a complex and sometimes ill-defined issue providing evidence, expertise and concrete examples based on which policy options and recommendations can be formulated.

3. Engaging in debates about the future of innovation in Europe

The European Innovation Summit is K4I’s annual flagship event organised every year in the European Parliament in Brussels bringing together more than 1.000 participants during 3 days. Regular debates throughout the year are initiated bottom-up by K4I members that engage the best experts on the subject matter. The topics chosen relate to the work of the European Parliament or individual MEPs. Debates can be organised during breakfast, lunch and dinner or in form of conferences and workshops.

4. Networking & Visibility

Given the diversity of its members, the K4I network is made up of experts on a wide variety of innovation related matters. Together, they accumulate substantial knowledge on all kinds of policies and funding instruments relevant for innovation. Sharing their innovation intelligence with their peer K4I members, other stakeholders and EU officials during hundreds of debates proved to be highly beneficial. In addition, K4I members are perceived as being innovation leaders in their field of expertise.

5. Communicating

As a member of K4I, your organisation will gain visibility as being an important player in the field of innovation. In addition to providing a link to your organization’s homepage, your profile and activities are presented on the K4I website. Information containing your key messages is widely disseminated through a number of channels during events, via social media, on the K4I website and Newsletter.

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