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The Place for Debate on a Sustainable Future
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A new K4I Focus

After 15 years during which the K4I Forum was mainly looking at innovation from an EU perspective advocating for innovation to become the top priority in EU policy making, now is the time to better connect with member states, regions, cities and local entities and focus on solutions for a sustainable future.

In addition to our networking and debating events we are setting up the European Innovation Area in Motion, a One-Stop-Shop for innovators that provides support along the entire innovation value chain from early discovery to building new green industries.

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The main objective of the European Innovation Area initiative is to build and support pan-European ecosystems that drive the green and digital transition.
Connecting regional and local innovation ecosystems, urban innovation and innovators from all corners in Europe in pan-European innovation ecosystems will enable all actors to cooperate and leave no one behind.

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Sustainable Future

Climate Emergency

Our key topics are directed towards a Sustainable Future including Climate Change, Clean Energy, Circular Economy and Natural Resources, Environment and Biodiversity, Food and Agriculture and Health as well as Deep Tech and Digital Solutions.

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K4I Forum Events

From the 1st European Innovation Summit with then Commission President Barroso in 2009 to our latest AI & Big Data for Innovation Summit in March 2023, our events enjoy contributions by thought leaders from governments, academia, innovative businesses and funding experts.
Organizing events about sustainability, we are eager to make our own events more environmentally-friendly. There are many possibilities that we will explore, partner with the most sustainable vendors, discuss about eco-friendly venues, offer online participation whenever this is possible and more. But also, our in person attendees can contribute in many ways.

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The K4I Forum Community

Our European-level innovation ecosystem with Members of the European Parliament, Commission and Member States representatives is keen to enrol relevant actors from the regional and local levels as well as international cooperation partners.
Our aim is to offer a space to the ecosystem actors where they can meet, build networks and discuss on how sustainable technologies can accelerate the green and digital transition.

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What EU leaders say about Knowledge4Innovation

Profile Picture © European Parliament

Ursula von der Leyen

President of the European Commission

The European Commission is eager to work with the Knowledge4Innovation Forum on strategic areas, where research and innovation acts as a powerful catalyst of Europe’s recovery.

Profile Picture © European Parliament

Roberta Metsola

President of the European Parliament

I know that the work that you accomplish with the European Commission, multiple Members of the European Parliament and a host of academics, associations, industries and researchers is remarkable.
You form a unique group that manages to effectively advocate for solutions that will help our entrepreneurs and academics work on cutting-edge technologies.
You help to give European Union companies the impetus to make a global impact. Your work in this sphere is impressive. I have full confidence that the great effort of Knowledge4innovation to encourage innovation and creative thinking will ultimately bring benefits to EU citizens.

Profile Picture © European Parliament

Mariya Gabriel

European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth

That’s the atmosphere that Knowledge4Innovation Forum is always creating, it’s really to feel like we are a family. During the past one and a half years, you accompanied me, you inspired us to make decisions.
And finally, we have the new European Innovation Agenda and you were in the driving seat from the very beginning of this journey. Thank you very much, we count on you to continue with us.

The K4I Forum in the European Parliament Leadership

Maria da Graça Carvalho

President of the k4i forum in the european parliament

Lambert van Nistelrooij

Former president and honorary President of the k4i forum in the european parliament

Ivana Maletić

former President of the k4i forum in the european parliament

Jerzy Buzek

former vice President and honorary president of the k4i forum in the european parliament

K4I in the media

K4I New Year Reception - Innovators Magazine Handover to Commissioner Mariya Gabriel

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