Breakfast Debate on Small Modular Reactors


This debate focuses on the strategic significance of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) in the European Union's energy landscape.

As the EU strives to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, SMRs emerge as a promising solution,blending low-carbon electricity production with innovative nuclear technology. SMRs, with their reduced size and flexible deployment, offer a pathway to decarbonize various sectors, including industry and transportation.

The European Parliament recognizes the potential of SMRs in enhancing energy security, reducing dependence on external fossil fuels, and supporting the EU's global competitiveness in this rapidly developing field.

Key aspects include the need for a comprehensive strategy for SMR deployment, considering the specific needs of different regions and sectors, and addressing the challenges of licensing processes, global supply chain development, public perception, and waste management. The debate should underscore the imperative of collaborative efforts and financial support for R&D to bring these technologies to fruition, thereby contributing to the EU’s energy mix and climate objectives.

Talking Points

  1. Strategic Importance of SMRs: Discussing the role of SMRs in achieving the EU's energy and climate goals, including energy security and reduction of fossil fuel dependence.
  2. Challenges and Opportunities: Addressing the challenges in deploying SMRs, such as licensing, supply chain development, and public perception, while highlighting the opportunities they present in the energy sector.
  3. Collaborative Efforts for Deployment: Exploring the need for collaboration among EU Member States, industrial stakeholders, and research organizations to develop and deploy SMRs effectively.
  4. Financial Support and R&D: Discussing the necessity of financial support and focused research and development to overcome technological hurdles and ensure the successful implementation of SMRs.
  5. SMRs and EU’s Global Competitiveness: Evaluating how SMRs can enhance the EU's competitiveness in the global nuclear technology market and economy and contribute to a sustainable, low-carbon future.