Summit Networking Reception Competing Green - The EU’s Path towards Clean Industries amidst Global Competition


The EU must review its R&I policy with a view to its role in the global clean industrial revolution amidst rising technological and geopolitical challenges. Speakers at the Reception will reflect on the EU's strategy to keep pace with the US and China, focusing on the one side on policy reforms needed to become a global leader in clean industries and the green economy and on the other side how to attract more funding to European clean tech startups and industries by means of the Strategic Technologies for Europe Platform (‘STEP') and the feasibility of a "European Sovereignty Fund".

Maria da Graça Carvalho, ITRE, EPP, Portugal, K4I Forum Chair

For the Green and Digital Transition we need research and innovation because for implementing some of the legislation that we are imposing we still do not have all the necessary technology. For some we have it, and we can achieve the targets with the existing technology, but for some other we don't have it, like the air transport, shipping, and some of the energy intensive industry. For that, we need to continue investing a lot on research and innovation, demonstration, pilot scales, etc. This is why we have already started a campaign, myself and my colleague Christian Ehler, calling for doubling the budget for FP 10.

Anna Panagopoulou, Director ERA & Innovation, DG R&I, EC

Europe's journey towards a sustainable and innovative future is driven by our commitment to transforming groundbreaking research into impactful innovations contributing to the European Green Deal objectives. Through initiatives like the European Innovation Council (EIC), we are empowering startups and businesses to lead the global transition towards a green economy, ensuring Europe remains a beacon of creativity, collaboration, and excellence.

Eduardo Correia, CEO at Taguspark – Knowledge City

Taguspark - Knowledge City is the leading science and technology park in the Iberian Peninsula standing for its commitment to European growth.

Dedicated to promoting the perfect work-life balance, Taguspark is on its way to become the most civic Park in Europe and based on four pillars:

1. Behavioral: consists of zero energy and water consumed, zero cigarette buts on the ground and zero incorrectly parked cars;

2. The Lavoisier's Law, which sates "In nature, nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed" and refers to the separation and recycling of solid waste. Through the incubator, we want to attract start-ups and companies with projects based on the circular economy;

3. The long-term goal on achieving energy independence (nowadays, 30% to 35% of the energy consumed is provided by photovoltaic panels);

4. Finally, the 4th pilar is about labor dignity, the workers of Taguspark’s outsourced services in cleaning, gardening and security, receive a 41.7% add up on their normal minimum wage.

These pillars reflect our commitment to 'doing more and doing it well' and drive Taguspark to grow every day.

We are also committed to the presence of arts and culture. The resident theater and the Urban Art Museum bring the upstreaming package turning this place into a vibrant unique environment.

At our Knowledge city, the science and tech innovation ecosystem grows hands on high standards of human dignity, quality of life, modern architecture and arts&culture vibe.

A place for bright minds!