Collaboration & Funding Opportunities among Quadruple Helix actors


The session is designed to bring together Quadruple Helix actors to explain their activities and express their needs for the Green and Digital transition.

The aim of the session is to Improve the collaboration among academia, private sector, public sector, upgrading the skills and capacity building for the green and digital transition by:

  1.   Initiate a platform for networking and identify potential collaboration opportunities on R&D projects between representatives from the Quadruple Helix.
  2.   Emphasize the importance of supporting and funding both, students and staff, ensuring they are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed for the future workforce.
  3.   Elaborate policy recommendations to facilitate effective collaboration, increased funding, and capacity building along the entire innovation value chain.
  4.   A wider involvement of civil society organisations to improve capacity building, knowledge transfer, access to talent, and innovation activities for the green and digital transition.

Talking Points

  1. Innovation Catalyst: Emphasize how Quadruple Helix collaboration serves as an innovation catalyst, bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise to address complex challenges. Highlight successful examples of innovation emerging from collaborative projects.
  2. Economic Growth and Job Creation: Discuss how Quadruple Helix investments contribute to economic growth by fostering the development of new industries, technologies, and startups. Highlight the potential for job creation through collaborative initiatives.
  3. Societal Impact: Illustrate the societal impact of Quadruple Helix investments, emphasizing the potential to address social challenges and improve the well-being of communities. Showcase projects that have positively influenced education, healthcare, environmental sustainability, and social inclusion.
  4. Research and Development Opportunities: Stress the significance of collaborative R&D initiatives involving the Quadruple Helix actors. Highlight the potential for breakthrough innovations and advancements that result from cross-sector collaboration.
  5. Education and Workforce Development: Discuss how Quadruple Helix investments can support educational programs that bridge the gap between academic learning and industry needs. Emphasize initiatives aimed at developing a skilled workforce equipped for emerging trends and technologies.
  6. Digital Transformation and Smart Cities: Showcase the role of Quadruple Helix investments in driving digital transformation and the development of smart cities. Discuss how collaborative projects can enhance urban living, sustainability, and citizen engagement.
  7. Environmental Sustainability: Highlight Quadruple Helix investments that contribute to environmental sustainability, showcasing projects that align with green initiatives and climate goals. Emphasize the role of collaboration in addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainable practices.
  8. Healthcare Innovation: Discuss the impact of Quadruple Helix collaborations on healthcare innovation, including advancements in medical technologies, digital health solutions, and healthcare delivery. Showcase examples of successful partnerships that have improved healthcare outcomes and accessibility.

Members of the European Parliament