Science, Research and Innovation Impact on the EU Market


During this session we will present and discuss the past and ongoing projects, explaining the activities of associated and candidate countries, developing recommendations for the future and the impact of science, research, and innovation in addressing societal challenges.

Our aim is that participants could highlight the specific contributions of science, research, and innovation to the EU market given by advancements in technology, breakthrough discoveries, and the development of innovative products and services.

During the dinner, the ACRID Award Ceremony will recognise the hard work of Science, Research and Innovation actors. The ACRID Awards are:

  • The most inspiring professor
  • The most inspiring leadership
  • The most innovative company
  • The most Innovative Start-up
  • The most promising Entrepreneur
  • The most promising Innovation Park/Accelerator/TechPark
  • The Biggest Project Implemented (or ongoing)
  • Best University Innovative Project
  • Best Researchers Team
  • Best Woman Researcher
  • Best Young Researchers team
  • Best Innovation from EU Project on the Market
  • Best Impactful and Disseminated Project
  • Best Science and Research Ambassador
  • Best Science and Diplomacy Promoter

Talking Points

Innovative Startups

1. Overview of the Startup Landscape

     a. Provide a snapshot of the current startup ecosystem in the EU. Highlight the role of startups in driving innovation and economic growth.

2. Selection Criteria for Innovative Startups

     a. Explain the criteria used for selecting innovative startups (e.g., impact, scalability, uniqueness). Emphasize the importance of disruptive ideas and potential market impact.

3. Category Highlights

     a. Present different award categories for startups (e.g., sustainability, technology, social impact). Showcase the diversity of startups being recognized.

4. Profiles of Selected Startups

     a. Feature short profiles of the nominated startups. Highlight key achievements, innovative solutions, and future potential.

5. Success Stories

     a. Share success stories of previous awardees. Discuss how winning the award contributed to their growth and recognition.

Best Performing EU Projects

1. Introduction to EU Projects

     a. Explain the importance of EU-funded projects in research, innovation, and societal impact. Highlight the goals of the EU in fostering collaborative projects.

2. Award Categories for EU Projects

     a. Outline the categories for EU projects (e.g., Horizon 2020 projects, sustainability initiatives, cross-border collaborations).

3. Project Selection Process

     a. Describe the rigorous process of selecting the best-performing EU projects.

     b. Emphasize the evaluation of project outcomes, impact, and collaboration.

4. Showcase of Exemplary EU Projects

     a. Feature a selection of EU projects that have demonstrated excellence.

     b. Discuss the unique aspects and contributions of each project.

5. Impact on Society and Economy

     a. Emphasize the broader impact of these projects on society, the economy, and the environment. Share data and testimonials on the positive outcomes achieved.

Members of the European Parliament