12th European Innovation Summit

From 7 – 11 December 2020, the Knowledge for Innovation Forum will take the pulse of Europe’s innovation ecosystem as policy makers, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and startups will engage in the 12th edition of the European Innovation Summit

For over a decade, K4l has stressed the importance of innovation to solve major problems.

Now more than ever, we not only need a robust innovation policy, but a set of policies that rely on innovation in all domains. The Summit in December entitled “Towards a European Innovation Area” will discuss how research and innovation stakeholders will support the green and digital transition in joining forces from across Europe.

The programme of the 12 EIS is covering a broad range of topics that relate to major recently launched policy initiatives and the imminent launch of Horizon Europe:

  • Innovation Policy
  • Horizon Europe / European Partnerships
  • AI & Big Data for Innovation
  • Greening Europe
  • Digital Transition
  • Women Investors and Women-Led Startups

In addition to Plenary sessions, there will be panel discussions organised by European Partnerships, and more specific topics will be addressed on the initiative of K4I members and summit partners.

We are happy to announce that Ms Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, confirmed her participation for the Opening Ceremony on 7 December, 18:00.

In a letter to K4I, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen wrote “The European Commission is eager to work with the Knowledge4Innovation Forum on strategic areas, where research and innovation acts as a powerful catalyst of Europe’s recovery.

7 December 2020


Twin Green and Digital Transition

The session will focus on clean/green innovations as the cornerstone of future sustainable industries and how activities on the European, national, regional and local levels can be better aligned


From Knowledge to Innovation and Market Creation

The session will examine what still needs to be done to close Europe’s innovation gap and improve impact through increased speed and efficiency of Europe’s innovation ecosystems


Regulation of Emerging Technologies

The session will scrutinize legislative barriers to innovation activities and what framework conditions are needed to thrive innovation in Europe. It will in particular look at a single market for VC and Business Angels as well as into prospects for a single entity for startups


A Discussion with Commissioner Gabriel on the European Innovation Area

On Monday evening we have the possibility to discuss with Commissioner Gabriel her plan for a European Innovation Area (EIA).

8 December 2020


The Future of Work and Digitalisation of the European Innovation Area

Conference Session in cooperation with TUDelft

9 December 2020


Fund allocation and criteria to increase the funding going to women-led VC funds, startups and innovative businesses do we need quotas of which criteria should apply to drive change

Conference Session in cooperation with EUTOP50 and Knowco Collabwith


How to identify and overcome the root, cultural causes and the access to capital by Women led VCs and Women led businesses

Conference Session in cooperation with EUTOP50 and Knowco Collabwith


European Synthetic Cell Research and Industrial Innovation

Conference Session in cooperation with TUDelft


Increasing the role and impact of women inside innovation ecosystems

Conference Session in cooperation with EUTOP50 and Knowco Collabwith


Awards ceremony dedicated to Women entrepreneurs, Women investors and Women led VCs

10 December 2020


Microbiome, Big Data & Artificial Intelligence: Future is Now. What’s Next

Conference Session in cooperation with Arches

11 December 2020


European Leadership in Human-Centred, Trustworthy AI: The Path Forward

Conference Session in cooperation with CLAIRE


The role of early-career professionals in driving sustainable innovation

Conference Session in cooperation with the European Young Chemists’ Network


AI for the Public or Common Good

Conference Session in cooperation with The AI Experience Centre, VUB

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Members of the European Parliament