8th European Innovation Summit

In context of the midterm evaluation of Horizon 2020 and the planning for the upcoming Framework Programme 9, the discussion about impact has gained traction. They key questions are how to assess the success of EU research funding and its instruments, and which lessons to draw for the future. 

The objectives of this plenary session, co-organised by several K4I members, are to gain insights in existing models and tools for measuring science and innovation impact, share experiences, identify lessons learnt and make recommendations for research and innovation policy and future programme design. 

During this session moderated by MEPs Prof Jerzy Buzek and Lambert van Nistelrooij, high level representatives of the European Research Area will look at various European instruments to discuss evaluation criteria and the meaning of impact in their respective funding contexts, to distill challenges and issues, and to identify potential new ways of quantifying the benefits of European research investments for society.

Looking beyond 2020, a panel of EU Institution representatives will mirror/respond to this first panel debate by sharing their perspectives on impact evaluation, on research and innovation strategy and priority setting. 

Should prognosis and ex-ante impact measurement be considered in the planning phase? Do we need to re-balance bottom-up vs top down approaches to push innovation? Would it be healthier to make room for private investment instead of 100% public funding?

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Members of the European Parliament