MSc Anita Spasovska

General manager

Wise Consulting

Anita Spasovska MSc,  graduated from Faculty of Economics-UKIM, Skopje Management Department. She finished her MBA in 2013 at the same Faculty. She is also NLP trainer and assisting on NLP Institute Slavica Squire from Belgrade. She has more than 16 years’ experience in general executive management positions in agriculture, milk and dairy sector, in economy and especially finance sector. This include management of projects and processes of high standards implementation of technology, know-how, with special focus on food in agriculture and herb aditives, environment and water management. Therefore, we can mention some of the EU achievements and rewards: European Award for Best Practices, Brussels, May 2018. The Association of Managers of Macedonia (AMM) awarded her for the best manager of the year and the award for the best manager of the year 2018 and 2017.