Kebjana Haka

European University of Tirana

Project Manager

As the Executive Director at UET Centre in Tirana, Albania, Kebjana Haka brings over a decade of diverse experience in project management, EU integration, and policy-oriented research. In her current role, she led the organization's initiatives, overseeing project development and implementation. Her responsibilities extend to managing the IPA / Erasmus+ programs, aligning it with national regulations, and ensuring its successful execution. She excel in fostering collaboration and effective communication among stakeholders, a skill set honed through years of engagement with various entities.

Prior to her current position, Mrs. Haka played a key role as a Project Manager and Coordinator for Bashki te Forta Projects, a venture supported by the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by Helvetas. This experience involved orchestrating the development of new curricula and training sessions for Municipal Councils in Albania, executed by the European University of Tirana.

During her tenure as a Project Coordinator at UET Centre, I contributed significantly to research projects spanning social and economic policy, youth education policy, environmental policy, sustainable development, human rights, and information technology. Her multifaceted role involved managing project activities, conducting research in the field of youth, and providing organizational and administrative assistance. Her journey in project management and EU integration started as a Project Manager at the Ministry of European Integration, where she led the implementation of the IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme between various countries in the Western Balkans. She was responsible for overall project management, financial oversight, technical assistance, and reporting.

In my capacity as an Expert in the Regional Cooperation Unit at the Ministry of European Integration, I actively contributed to the preparation of Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) programs. I played a pivotal role in coordinating with line ministries, ensuring the implementation of strategic decisions, and reporting on program progress.

She holds a Master's degree in Executive Government from Albanian University and a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences, with a major in Philosophy-Sociology, from the University of Tirana. Throughout her career, Mrs. Haka has continued to enhance her knowledge through various training programs, including those focused on European integration, project management, and IPA funds.