María Alejandra Pulido

Climate Bonds Initiative

EU Sustainable Agriculture Lead Manager

Extremely interested in business transformation applied to social impact, diversity, and sustainable development!

I'm an International Sustainable Business Lawyer with studies in Colombia and Italy. Throughout my career, I have been driven to work in international contexts, focusing especially on CSR, ESG and Environmental Management (regarding sustainable, social, and educational projects) and International Business (trade, investments, M&A, capital markets & compliance) in different fields, such as NGOs, Law Firms, the Financial sector, and Market research companies.

I have 8+ years of experience in Project Management & Business Development and building alliances & partnerships in multicultural environments, for-profit and non-profit sectors.

Currently, I’m the Regional Manager for the Agri-Food Transition Programme in the EU at Climate Bonds Initiative, where I’m responsible for the effective consensus, acknowledgement and implementation of the EU agri-food transition program considering the policy framework and the different actors of the supply chain and related entities.