Zoran Atanasov

Agency for Financial Support of Agriculture and Rural Development

Head of unit for analyzes and strategic planing

Doctor Veterinary Medicine. Current employer Agency for Financial Support of Agruculture and Rural Development N.Macedonia. Head of unit for analyzes and strategic planing.   Institute of Accreditation of Republic N.Macedonia. Advisor-Coordinator for accreditation on laboratories for calibration of instruments 2001-2022. Prime minister personnel adviser for Agriculture, Food Safety, Veterinary and Phytosanitary Policy 2020-2021. Director of Food and Veterinary Agency , 2017-2020 year.

Elected member of EU FMD Executive Committee in period 2018 -2020. Founder of “Supply Chain Management Consortium – Macedonia”, giving training and consultancy to  companies as AD ALKALOID, AD TIKVES, USAID, UNMIK, NODUS, Faculty of Technology Science in Skopje  in field of Supply Chain Management. Two decades of experience in risk assessment and management of Food and Feed Safety, Animal Health and Welfare. One decade of experience in logistics operations, planning and analyses.

Chairman of Steering Committee on IPA project “Improved implementation of animal health, food safety and phytosanitary legislation and corresponding information systems”. One of the creators of Doctrine for “National Logistic Support to Ministry of Defense and Army “. Additional training and coaching: ” Lieders of  21 st century“  –  George C Marshal Center, Garmisch Partenkirchen Germany; Recourse management Planning and implementation of finance and material recourses QUEEN’S SCHOOL OF BUSINESS – Ottawa, Canada; Food Safety / HACCP UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Cochran Fellowship Program North Dakota University Fargo, U.S.A; Official control of animal origin food, microbiological criteria and sampling – Agriconsulting Europe S.A; Traces and Official control of animal origin food on Border control point – BFST , Talin -Estonia.