Supporting the Drivers of the Green and Digital Transition

Candidate Countries on their way to EU membership

A win-win opportunity

Supporting the Drivers of the Green and Digital Transition


ACRID, the Associated Candidate Countries Research, Innovation and Development Network in partnership with the K4I Forum, is organizing a series of events focused on Research & Innovation (R&I), engaging public, private, and academic sectors. These events will explore EU opportunities available to accession and candidate countries and aim to strengthen collaboration to enhance their innovation capacities.

The forum seeks to boost the European R&I community's competitiveness, particularly addressing European Green Deal objectives. Discussions will cover topics around AI, circular economy, and green practices in various settings, emphasizing community engagement, social inclusion. and green job creation. The forum will feature diverse contributions from EU and accession and candidate countries as well as from third countries that participate in EU projects.

More specifically the events aim at:

  1. Networking, collaboration, and communication on Science, Innovation, Research and Development among associate and candidate countries, EU member states, as an important part of the accession process.
  2. Understanding and experiencing what Europe can offer to candidate and associate countries from the perspective of various instruments and programs and how these countries can support the EU Green Deal and the New European Innovation Agenda.
  3. Elaborating on the needs of candidate and associated countries in the areas of Science, Research and Innovation, focusing on this issue tuning their GDPs for the future development in the candidate countries in line with the EU accession process.
A Graphic on the GDP Expenditure in 2022


Tuesday, 30 January

15:00-17:00 Panel Discussion on Collaboration & Funding Opportunities among Quadruple Helix actors

19:30-22:00 Dinner Debate on Science, Research and Innovation Impact to EU Market

Wednesday, 31 January

08:00-09:30 Breakfast Debate on Science Diplomacy for EU Green and Digital Transition

10:00-12:00 Panel Discussion on Higher Education Institutions and Future Education Needs for Green and Digital Transition